Sally Loughridge Studio

Original artwork inspired by nature's beauty, power, and mystery

"In Nature's Palette" Jewelry

I create original jewelry from silver and other metals, semi-precious gems, stones, minerals, beads, shells, and found objects.  Many of the pieces have hand shaped sterling silver clasps or other elements.  As with my paintings, my inspiration comes from nature - earth, sea, and sky, and an ever changing display of hues, shapes, and shades in the natural elements.  Each piece of jewelry is unique. Many have evolved from paintings I have already created but as abstracted forms focusing on color, contrast, movement and shape.


If you are interested in a particular piece, please let me know the name and item number through my "Contact" page.  I will be happy to list the materials in the jewelry for you. You may use a check or credit card to purchase jewelry. If you have a special idea for jewelry (length, color, type, material) please let me know.


This is a small sampling of the many necklaces I have created. Earrings  coordinate with many of the pieces.  My jewelry is carried by Kefauver Gallery in Damariscotta and Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro. I hope you will visit!

                   Berry Burst  SOLD                                  Field Tones  17"                                     Blue Water  19.5"

                                                                                         $95  (54N)                                                $85 (84N)

                          Leaf Dance  SOLD                                 Pebble Light  17"                                    Bird Song  17.5"

                                                                                      $90  (23N)                                               $85 (45N)

               Sea Life  16.75"                                      Marsh Hues  18.5"                               Down Stream  SOLD

                     $90 (89N)                                                $80 (48N)

                 Sea Sparkle  19"                                Sundown Red   16.5"                                Sun Over Firs  21.5"

                      $80 (58N)                                                 $85 (88N)                                              $85 ( 31N)             

                  Sun Swirl  SOLD                                    Marsh Meander 20"                           Leaf and Feather  SOLD

                                                                                        $100 (41N)

                Sea and Shore  SOLD                          Sunset Memory  18.25"                               Heart's Beat   20"

                                                                                         $90 (50N)                                                $95 (73N)