Sally Loughridge Studio

Inspired by nature's beauty, power, and mystery

"In Nature's Palette" Jewelry

I create original jewelry from silver and other metals, semi-precious gems, stones, minerals, beads, shells, and found objects.  Many of the pieces have hand shaped sterling silver clasps or other elements.  My inspiration comes from nature - an ever changing display of hues, shapes, and shades in the natural elements. Many have evolved from paintings I have already created but as abstracted forms focusing on color, contrast, movement and shape.


If you are interested in a particular piece, please let me know the name and item number through my "Contact" page.  I will be happy to list the materials in the jewelry for you. You may use a check or credit card to purchase jewelry. If you have a special idea for jewelry (length, color, type, material) please let me know.


This is a small sampling of the many necklaces I have created. Earrings  coordinate with many of the pieces.  My jewelry is carried by Kefauver Gallery in Damariscotta. I hope you will visit!

                   Berry Burst  SOLD                                  Field Tones  17"                                     Blue Water  19.5"

                                                                                         $95  (54N)                                                $85 (84N)

                          Leaf Dance  SOLD                                 Pebble Light  17"                                    Bird Song  SOLD

               Sea Life  16.75"                                      Marsh Hues  18.5"                               Down Stream  SOLD

                     $90 (89N)                                                $80 (48N)

                 Sea Sparkle  SOLD                              Sundown Red   16.5"                                Sun Over Firs  21.5"

                                                                                        $85 (88N)                                              $85 ( 31N)             

                  Sun Swirl  SOLD                                    Marsh Meander 20"                           Leaf and Feather  SOLD

                                                                                        $100 (41N)

                Sea and Shore  SOLD                          Sunset Memory  18.25"                               Heart's Beat   20"

                                                                                         $90 (50N)                                                $95 (73N)