Sally Loughridge Studio

Original artwork inspired by nature's beauty, power, and mystery

Welcome to this web gallery of my original artwork.  Inspired by the rugged beauty of coastal Maine, I create land and seascape oil paintings and soft pastel paintings.  Each medium has its own appeal.  With oil painting, the process of mixing, layering, and glazing hues of different values and temperatures is engaging and rhythmic.  Soft pastel is a medium of particular vibrancy and immediacy.  Almost pure pigment with minimal binder, pastel painting gives artwork a richness of color and stroke that is both characteristic and striking.  By their shape and concentration of pigment, pastel sticks may be used in a linear or painterly manner, or some combination of the two.  Preparing my own surfaces for pastel painting gives me the freedom to vary the texture and tone of the ground.  I often combine media, such as using acrylic or watercolor as an underpainting for a soft pastel work or experimenting with gold metal leaf in combination with oil or soft pastel. 


I am also exploring another artistic interest, that of jewelry design.  I make one of a kind necklaces and earrings with silver, other metals, minerals, beads, crystals, and found objects.  As in my oil and pastel painting practice, each piece is inspired by a palette of nature's hues, shapes, and shades.  I hope  you will visit the Jewelry Gallery on this site.


To see my work, please visit one of these listed galleries or a show I am in.  I hope that at least one of my oil or pastel paintings will stir a memory or your emotions. 


Online purchases of art or jewelry may be made by check or credit card (via Square Inc.).  Shipping can be arranged.

Paintings -  Mast Cove Galleries, Pemaquid Art Gallery, Tidemark Gallery

Jewelry - Kefauver Gallery, River Arts, and Tidemark Gallery

Recent Paintings

"Adieu," oil on cradled birch, 10 x 10"
"Marsh Meander," oil on Gessobord, 16 x 20"
"Beach Path," oil on Gessobord, 12 x 16"
"Sea Break," oil on canvas, 18 x 36"
"Shore Break," oil on canvas, 18 x 36"
"Storm Break," oil on canvas, 18 x 36"

Current and Upcoming Shows

"From Smutty Nose to Hurricane Hole"
My Upcoming Solo Show at Mae's Cafe, Bath, Maine
June through September 2016
"Breaker at Lobster Cove," oil on canvas, 16 x 20," available

A selection of  my paintings among those at Archipelago

The Island Institute Store

Rockland, Maine
From October 2015

"Hide and Seek," oil on Gessobord, 6 x 6"
"Fog over Field," oil on panel, 12 x 12"
"Lost and Found," oil on Gessobord, 6 x 6"
"Nocturne, Monhegan Harbor," oil on panel, 6 x 6" SOLD
"Awash!" oil on mounted canvas, 6 x 6" SOLD
"Stargaze," oil on panel, 10 x 10" SOLD
"Hill Farm," oil on panel, 14 x 18"
"Island Sunset," oil on panel, 8 x 10"
"Sea Beyond Manana," oil on linen, 24 x 36"
"Sea Rush,' oil on panel, 8 x 10"
"Island Edge," oil on Gessobord, 8 x 10"
"Barn Reflections, acrylic/soft pastel on panel, 12 x 16"

Several of My Paintings From Monhegan Island, September 2015

"Towards Washerwoman," oil on panel, 6 x 6"
"Goldenrod and Lace," oil on Encausticbord, 6 x 6"
"Rocky Coast," oil on Gessobord, 8 x 10"
"Sun on Rocks," oil on Gessobord, 5 x 7"
"Sea Shimmer, oil on panel, 5 x 7"
"Sea Crash," oil on Gessobord, 12 x 16"

Please see my new "Books" page

Daniel and His Starry Night Blanket: A Story of Illness and Sibling Love is now available through PayPal.  

2015 -  Gold Medal, Gelett Burgess Children's Book Award in Lifestyle: Emotions and Feelings Category
2015 -  Honorable Mention, New England Book Festival in Children's Books 
2016 - Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Children's Books 0 to 5
2016 - Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards in Children's Books 6 and Up

 Rad Art: A Journey Through Radiation Treatment is available on,, other web distributors and your local bookstore.


These painting images are available as limited edition fine art prints through the " Giclée Prints" page.

Sea Gold on Lobster Cove
Marsh Notes
Sasanoa River Buoy
Sail Play
Sun at the Island Inn
Cathedral Lights



Future soft pastel class and workshop offerings will be posted here.

 If you are interested in a pastel workshop for your group, whether
studio or plein air, please let me know.

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